Cheshire Barn Conversions

A barn conversion is the restoration and conversion of old farming barns for residential or commercial use.  Converting old farm building to a home can be very rewarding but rest assured its is not an inexpensive venture. One of the first steps in converting a barn is to find a contractor with experience. A good contractor can steer you away from various traps associated with barn conversions while saving you money.

Things to consider before undertaking a barn conversion

  1. Is the barn listed? There maybe additional paperwork and compliances to be met before you start work
  2. Modern looking windows may not be acceptable and specific types may be only used
  3. Guttering facias and down pipe may require hiding . To keep with the original features cast iron downpipes may have to be used thus increasing the costs.
  4. Any brickwork repair must match the original
  5. Dormas and roof lights may not be allowed


Barn Conversion Contractors Cheshire

Jason Welch building services are proud to have provided their barn conversion service throughout Cheshire. Armed with extensive knowledge in barn conversions JW Building Services can support all manor of barn conversion work from the planning stage to completion. Local planners may want the barn to be restored to its original external features which requires certain skills and knowledge of building materials which the average home builder may not posses.

Cheshire Barn Conversions

Barn Conversion Audlem

Barn Conversion Audlem

For  this particular barn conversion I was asked to project manage the conversion as the client wanted to be involved on a day to day basis. Although this is not an option for everyone it is a great way for the client to be involved with every aspect of the build and be on hand to make decisions quickly. Find out more about this project and many others by visiting our building projects page

Unlike other types of building work like home extensions barn conversions cannot simply be undertaken by your average builder. The contractor must display the knowledge and skills required for this kind of conversion. Always ask for references of previous works carried out.

If you are looking for building services in Cheshire call our head office on 01270 650625 or contact Jason Welch directly on 07973 790618 to discuss your building requirements.

Cheshire Barn Conversions
Are you considering a barn conversion? Do you need expert advice on barn restorations and its pitfalls? Backed by years of experience JWBS are the best Cheshire building company for all types of barn conversions and restorations. for more information on our cheshire barn conversions click here

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